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Pistol and Rifle Shooting Lessons

This course is dedicated and catered to any individual with limited experience with pistol shooting, manipulation and general knowledge. This course is limited to small classes to ensure quality one on one time is spent learning, practicing, and revising. Class times vary from 12 pm and 2 pm.

Classroom instruction

Types of handguns

Range proficiency 25 + rounds

Price includes: instruction, rental gun, ammo, range fees, targets, cleaning supplies, and ear and eye protection. Learn and train with the best for the best price!

One on one shooting​

Advanced Pistol Course

This course will be held twice a month and is designed for the novice to advanced shooter. There will be a prerequisite to enter this course. You will have to be former military, peace officer, or have taken the beginner pistol course with On Target or pass a screening test for a small fee. This is to ensure everyone is on a similar level of training and the class will receive the best learning experience.  This course is designed to teach speed acquisition and shooting techniques as well as speed loading and reloading, shooting from the concealed carry position as well shooting on the move.



This class is designed to teach any student who wishes to become proficient in handling, firing, and manipulating a carbine.


In this class we will cover the basics of owning, maintaining, and most importantly, effectively shooting a carbine.

The price includes instruction, range fees, rental fees, and targets!

In this class We will teach advanced shooting techniques, speed reloading, tactical reloading, shooting on the move as well as supported and unsupported shooting.

The price includes instruction, range fees, rental fees, and targets!

Advanced Carbine

​This class is catered to a student that has passed our carbine 101 class or a student with prior knowledge that wishes to further develop their skills.

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